Disciples of Christ

What We Believe at First Christian Church in Canton

At First Christian Church in Canton, we are a congregation that finds its heart in the fellowship of the Lord’s Table where we gather each Sunday to be united with Christ and with one another.

With prayer, thanksgiving and songs of praise we worship God and receive the elements which remind us physically and spiritually of the sacrificial death of Christ for our sins.

Side by side we encourage and support one another as a family of faith, growing together in God's love.

While we are all unique in the gifts God has given us, we find in our common family that we are all children of God and fellow travelers in the journey of faith. We bear one another’s burdens, share our joys and sorrows together, uplift one another in prayer, and minister to each other within the whole family of faith.

Through baptism into Christ we acknowledge God’s saving grace through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

We receive God’s gift as we profess faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and claim Him as the Lord of our Lives. In the waters of baptism we are united in obedience to God’s call to faith and faithfulness.

We find our light in the words of Holy Scripture where we learn of God’s love and God’s guidance for our lives.

Within the pages of God’s Holy Word, we learn of our relationship with God and with one another, of our salvation through Jesus Christ and of the continuing guidance of the Holy Spirit. In study, teaching and prayer, we learn of God’s love and of the example of God’s people through the ages.

From the “Great Commandment” of our Lord we find our purpose in loving God and loving others.

Our love of God compels us to our mission to God’s people, calling us within the priesthood of all believers to use prayerfully the gifts we have been given in service to others.